Friday, October 19, 2018

Untold story: My antiphaty & Grudges.

   Are you being in love with the hate? Our mind can always restored about the bad memories, criticisms and judgement.  We cannot decide to moving forward because all of pain that you suffered from the past. Indeed! In reality is not easy to moving forward because when you reminisce the past  you became traumatic and full of anger. In this case you need to read my article regarding antipathy and Grudges.

    When I was a child I' am victim of child bullying. "Who knows?"  I've always being judge about my clothes my haircut and everything so I decide to be stronger person and depend myself to the all people who always judging me. Yah! I know the feel when it comes about bullying. I've always been cry that time and I really don't know how can I depend myself as well. I'm so being a weak and very Innocent that time. I'll decide to hating people who always bullying me and anything.

    During my high school days. I am very old fashion boyish. I don't have any new clothes because we can't afford to buy. I didn't comb my hair and I'm not body conscious at all. During that time my family suffering a problem about financially so they decide to not continue my study and They want me to find a job to sustain them financially. This is really hard I don't know what to do. I might thinking that my dream is over. However I didn't quit I decide to continue my study despite of having a problem financially until I'll finish my high school.

    When I already taking my college. I decide to find a job to become a working student. I worked as service crew in the fast food chain and server typist in the Internet shop. My school is in the morning and I work at night.It's quite hard but I'll enjoy. My determination and perseverance is the key to continue until I'll finish my college.

    Then after 2 years I'm already graduated with the of course computer secretarial. with a full of determination and motivation. This is it! I feel the success at this moment. but still I'm not feel happy and contended. "Why is that?'" Do you know why? I will tell you.

   Because I'm still holding grudges to the all people who always keeping me down and criticize me. Yah! I hate them to see their happy while I'm suffered a lot of pain. I think they are not deserve to be happy. Yah! I forget to forgiving people! I've always been to recounting their faults and thinking they are the reason why I feel the pain mentally.  I suffered a lot of heartaches and my antipathy was strong than my forgiveness.

    Holding of grudges it makes me feel bitter. My heart feel so heavy and I forget how to accept things. until one day I realize that I've already wasting my time to find real happiness and I really don't know how to respect and love myself. I've learn to let go and forgive and I decide to remove my grudges in life. We all know forgiveness is not always easy.  at times it feels more painful than the wounds that we suffered. but we need to let go and find peace. The wounds from past could learn you a lot to become a stronger person.  We need to keep moving forward to enjoy our lives because life is too short to holding grudges. We can't see the true colors of life when your living in a darkness. Life become easier when you learn  to accept an apology you never forgot. The past is your inspiration to become better person.  Spread love always :)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I am Okay: Mental health care awareness

How can you support someone who is experiencing a mental health problem? In reality people won't care about you. Otherwise they criticize you although they don't know the reason behind of it. It's hard to living in reality with full of criticism people. Sometimes they love to put you down until you became  numb and do the things that possible can end you life. How would it be? 
No one knows what on their mind. They always say " I"am Okay" for no one asking them what's going on. They might to end the conversation to make them alone. Yes I do I' am one of them before. There are all times that I love being alone and do the things that suffocates me. I've been through a lot of pressure and anxieties. I am an introvert person. When regards to socialize with the other people it makes me feel awkward. I don't attend to family gatherings and I hate to go family reunion or anything because when they see me I've always been judge. About my weight, my personality or anything so I suppose to not attending gatherings instead I'm going some places alone or spend my time together with my friends. Who knows?
Despite all of that I'll remain strong and decide not to quit. I've been a fighter. I'm always to save myself with full of toxic people. I'm always stand in my own. No one can bringing me down and keep my life going. People don't really know how to care for someone who was dying mentally. They may know your situation but will think of you as making excuses or shitty reasons. Like " Nag-iinarte lang yan kulang sa pansin, pa epal feeling depression ang gaga!!"  That thing called cruel reality. Unfortunately people have lack of giving advics and encouragement. Indeed! If you a have a friend or Family who suffered mental illness, please take your time to listen their concern. Ask them how can help or support them. Don't pressure them to talk about things that they don't want to talk about. Listen what they have to say. that guidelines is a great thing to make they feel better. never say any words of judgement. Make them inspired always.
Here in Philippines, we celebrating Mental health care awareness to support people who suffered mental illness. and very proud to post this kind of topic to catch people attention about this awareness perhaps this is the way that you help your someone who has suffered of this illness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Wishing a Love story.

All people found their love story. They have happily ever after. How I wish I could be the same way too. feeling of he will kiss me on my forehead.  Love story is one of the best part of our lives and the mystery of love moves in a mysterious ways.
No one can answer when it could be happen.Who knows? like one day your feelings have a crashed. and feel the embraces of love.
In my life with full of fear and sadness. Love can't really find me. I've been fall into a heartaches. We all know it's hard to catch someone's attention especially if the person it doesn't really like you. Love was not an easy thing to find on the island, true love finds its own ways. When I see someone with their love one it makes me feel bittersweet. I love to see their being happy but my heart say's how I wish I have someone he do the same way too. I really hope one day my pray will give an answer. thinking of God give me a sympathy. Now I have my boundaries I need to recognize my feelings when it comes to finding true love. We can't decide about the person who can gives you loves back. We cannot decide to love if you feel bitterness.
because acceptance is define of love. In the end. I am willing to wait for the person who deserves my love and will be part of my love story.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Think Before you Click: My Awareness of using Social Media.

   Did you heard the news about 50 million hacked on Facebook? What if's your Facebook hacked and then you already saved a lot of information and important files on your account. What if you've already post some not typically like private photos or what so ever What could be the next? In this situation you need to read this article to guide on how you can handle using social media.

  The purpose of posting this article to aware people what the do's and don't s while using social media. We all know one of the power communication is social media. You can communicate to the other people in a different countries in the power of internet. Anyways what is Social Media?

What is social media? -

    Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and the building of virtual networks and communities. By design, social media is internet based and offers users easy electronic communication of personal information and other content, such as videos and photos. Users engage with social media via computer, tablet or smartphone via web-based software or web application, often utilizing it for messaging.
   In this case I will share my awareness about using social media..

This is all about yours. It's okay to post about your self but remember you need to think what are the awareness that you need to do on your social media site. 
Here's my information that I don't want to post on my social media sites.
  • My real name - Some of my friends in social media they don't know my real name. YAH! They know about my nick name and surname not the real name also. "Why I need to keep my name secret?"  Last 2017 I'm a victim of Identity theft. They use my name and my picture for the theft purposes. They are scammers. They selling gadget online but when you give the money they blocked you. OMGGG!! This is so embarrassed. So guys  you need to aware who are the person that you can trust in this matter.
  • Your Phone number and Address- You can save your phone number and address but make sure it is a private. There are some instances that they use your information to find you or threat you. The Stalkers they can block mail you somehow. 
  • Password accounts - This is really important if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend I mean if you are couple better they don't know your password. but it depends on how did you trust the person but if I were you better don't say your password because it's a part of your privacy.

Guys It's up too you if you need to post your information but make sure you need to be responsible. About your information. it's all about safeness.


You can make selfie all day but be careful what are the photos that you want post on your social media site.

We love selfie right? Most of the people have their smart phones. Then they can make a groupie selfie. We can take a lot of photos especially when you go to travel. or anything. but make sure when you post it on your social media sites. avoid to publicity your photo too much because sometimes they use your photo to create a dummy or poser account. "You know what I mean"  Be careful to the all people surrounds you. 

Question: What if I have a blog and I need to post my photos in my website or blog site what can I do?

If you are a blogger and you need to post your picture selfie here's the thing that you need to do.

Upload your  photos with credentials. This is a great way to upload your photos.


 This is great thing to own your photos and this is really helps.


This is so important.

Before you post something you need to think many times if it's kind of Inappropriate or appropriate. It's okay to express your thoughts in social media but do you think is that okay? What if some of your friends they saw your post and it's kind of offending? YAH! Sometimes we can't handle our emotion. I know the feeling especially when you have rants about your work , school or etc. When you feel angry or upset. It's okay to express your emotion in social media because it's a part of freedom expression. but remember we have limitations. Because here in this world there's a lot of criticism people that can judge you easily.
How about likes? What does mean??

It's okay to like the status however if you stalk your crushes or ex boyfriends/girlfriend.
This would be happen..

HAHAHHA! ARE YOU RELATE? if yes congratulations! 😂😂😂


This is a thing. be careful about the friend request. If you asking me about the person who can I accept their friend request. I'll tell you right now.

First. I don't accept the person if we're not close to each other. What I mean some person who didn't talk or you don't have any acquaintances each other. I didn't accept their friend request why? because they use your Facebook account to get your information. You need to be careful who the person that you accept on social media.
Second. don't accept the person if you don't know their personally. Better they message you first before you accept.
Lastly. NO MUTUAL NO ACCEPT!! of course you need to be aware. If you don't know the person better decline their request.
BUT IT DEPENDS ABOUT THE SITUATION!! Message first before you accept.

 Lastly. Stop arguing!!

It's okay to comment a post because this is the part of freedom expression. However when it comes about politics showbiz religious and etc we need to be careful.
What does it mean?
It's okay to share your opinion but we all know people have different beliefs. and opinions. Sometimes your opinion is not okay to the others. All you have to do is respect. 
Respect their opinion  you don't need to argue things. If you have short temper better you'll remain silent and don't make a comment. In the world of having social media sometimes all of the post are not truth. They have trolls to create fake news. You don't need to debate to share your opinion were not rude. We have a different opinions in life so we need to understand others beliefs.

This are my awareness on how can I use social media. I know some of you. You have an idea about this but did we applied it?
It's okay to use social media but we need to be responsible. because it's all of ourselves. We need to be matured about handle things in life. Your Privacy, Opinion are part of our lives.
All you have to do is..


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My 5 Stages of blogging

  Hi guys! Today I would like to share my stages about my blog. Usually some bloggers they create a blog for business travel, life and etc.  Most of people they can earn money from blogging.  They can advertise or marketing their business on blogging. Okay some of you are curious about my blog topic because I really don't know honestly how does blog really works. 

   I'm start making my blog to catch people attention about my story. as far as I know blogging is all about sharing of thoughts in life to inspire others. I don't have an idea about making earn money and anything. In this case let me share my Stages of my blogging Journey.


   Why AMAYSZINGBLOGS created? then what is all behind that title?  

 My name is MAYSZ. What I mean this blog is all about my life journey and sharing thoughts.
I create this blog to post my thoughts in life and This is my self blog site.
AMAYSZINGBLOGS was created last May 2017. I don't have an idea before on how can blog really works I'm just thinking before that I really appreciate to those people who can read my blog I don't care about the comments or numbers of views.
If you have noticed My blog is very simple because I don't really know what is the best design to impress people about my blog and for me it's not important about the content and design. The important thing is I love sharing my story and that's it.


What thing motivates me?

As a blogger you need to explore and thinking things out of the box.Yah! We all know blogging is not an easy process. it takes you a lot of effort to think about the content of your blog. 
Actually this is the first time that I post this kind of topic because if you have noticed my blog is all about my life journey and sharing my enthusiastic story. So here's the question what thing motivates me to become a blogger? I love reading tips about blogging and I'm always participate to all blog threads to way check the others blog. 
Most of the bloggers they are crafty and creative. I love their blogs. their content makes me inspire and motivate to design my blog beautiful. 
Another thing. I love sharing thoughts in a way on how can I express myself. Open up emotion is not  easy because other people can criticize you. This is the great way to boost out your emotion to inspire others. Create your story is a great thing to become a blogger.
Are you agree with that?


Your thoughts will be highly appreciated!

I'm a blogger and I admit that some of blogs thread I don't have an idea what is all about. HAHAHHA! YAH This is so funny guys. as I already mentioned. I love participating blog threads however some blog thread makes me feel curious. before when I join the blog support groups I only participating blog comments because I love read others comment on my blog. Yah I'm aware about the rules but not exactly what is all about.

This Thread that actually I'm talking about.

Click Through 
Google page rank

Yahh! I'm a new blogger and I don't know on how participate about this thread. Sorry :)


This is so inspiring.

Your comments and feed backs is my inspiration to keep writing in my blog.When I read your comments it makes me feel courage. I love reading your feed backs. it makes me feel alive and give a lot of idea to improve my blog. I know in myself that I'm really good when it terms of grammatical and composed of sentence. and most of the time I have a grammar lapses HAHAHA! but I'm still working on it. Supporting bloggers is a great thing to help others to improve their blog. "Just like me" Your comments and feedbacks is very important.

Bill gates said.
 " We need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve."



Lastly: I have run  ads on my blog!

This is exciting that google approved my adsense on my blog. It was a great opportunity to have an advertisement in a blogsite/Website because sometimes this is a good way to make you earn money. 
"I'm not expecting of that because we all know many traffic in your blog is necessary needed to earn money". 
In my 1 year of blogging it was an achievement to have a google adsense. because for me my blog looks so professional. In this stage I need to improve anything about my blog. I need to research on how can I create a beautiful and formative article on my blog. 

If you have an idea on how google adsense is really works and how to get a higher traffic please message me asap I need your suggestion. Thank you in advance.

Resulta ng larawan para sa thank you gif 

Right now my blog is still growing and learning process. Making a website blog it will take a lot of effort and creativity. Your Feedbacks and suggestion is really powerful to improve everything. People exert their effort to achieve their goals in life. Same thing in blogging explore your self and thinking out of the box is the great way to help your blog growing.

I'm starting to create more article to get higher traffic in my blog Please I need your support guys Thank you so much for reading!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hi Guys!

        How are you guys?  I don't really know what comes on my mind why I need to change my blog theme every time. Tsss.. Okay anyways moving forward. Today I will telling you how's my life going through. Before that I would like to thank to all of people who gave time to read and comment my blog. I got 21,513 views and more than 1K comments and growing. Thank you so much! I'll really appreciate you guys. This is so really inspiring to share my life journey in my blog.  Honestly it's hard to open up my emotion especially to all of people that they keep judging you. I'm so exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.
        Right now I'm still working about the things that makes me happy and release my all doubts in life " well I think this is the start! " but most of people they keep asking me about marriages and boyfriends. "This is so triggered!" actually I'm so very tired to answer their questions over again and over again. Anyways my always response is "Marriages is not the answer for making happiness and I believe that true love waits." Because they think that I'm alone and unhappy but they don't really know that they bringing on me down Yah! I just caught in middle at this moment. " eh anong magagawa ko kung wala naman dumarating diba? minsan nakaka sawa nalang minsan iniisip ko hindi niya tlaga sinasagot yung prayers ko feeling of wala na talaga akong pag-asa!"  In this case.


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is: it’s okay.
It’s okay for me to be kind to myself. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to get mad. It’s okay to be flawed. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to move on.” —Hayley Williams
P.s I just Caught in the Middle



        Well we all know in this kind of situation you feel pressure and pissed off.however I need to be enthusiastic and matured person and ignore these kind of things.


       Anyway moving forward. This month I have a lots of work task that I need to do. I have a busy working days. Sadnu?  but before that Last Sunday I already watched the 20 episode of Slam dunk It's a manga series and still I'm not done yet. I'm a huge fan of Haede Rukawa and Sendo.I really love watching Anime.

Resulta ng larawan para sa rukawa slam dunk gif   

    After watching Paramore concert last Aug 23. PCD "Post Concert Depression" attacks me. I listen their songs repeatedly. feeling of I never see them performing live again. My emotional pain attacks me when I heard their songs. This is the second time that I feel PCD after Coldplay concert. This is one of my fangirling weaknesses. Lately in a day to remove my PCD I listen other band songs and I discovered the band of The 1975. I know some of you  didn't familiar of this band but guys! There are Amazing! I got there song title Change of Heart.  because it catch me up LOL! This song reminds me that I need something to do to change my inner feelings. I really love them now.

Title: Change of Heart by The 1975.

Try to listen their songs! so Lovely! 😍😍😍😍

     How's my life going through? Well if you have noticed I keep my life busy and do the things that makes me happy. After all broken hearts, heartaches, pressure and anxieties that I suffered. Now I'll grow up and I could learn a lot. This things teaches me on how to be strong person and enthusiastic. My writings motivates me to make inspire others and prove myself that I really can. There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Everyone had a mistake. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.

Remember: Encouragement and hope are the most powerful qualities any person can
provide to others. 

 How are you guys?? share your thoughts.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Change of Heart


   Have you tried to ignore the world and forget everything. Have you? I know that I'm a happy now despite all of things that already happen in my life from the past. Right now I just want to be happy. no hurt no pressure and just flow me on the weather. Yes I do. I've became numb and I really don't why. Okay this is part of my confession I want to confess something.

I love to be Lonely.

   For the past many years my relationship is not gonna work.I keep my life busy going to work everyday and spend time to watch concerts and going travel makes me happy. I don't really care about what other people say's about me.  I'm just focused more on how can my life be wonderful and enjoy myself.  Yah! there are times that I just asking myself why I'm still single "Yung grabeh araw araw nalang na iniisip mo hindi ka talaga pinag pala sa pag-ibig ganon!" Well I think there's a purpose and It takes time to answer my prayers so I stop overthinking and expected things. "Kailangan mu lang talaga manalig sa kanya" Anyway right now I'm so happy to be alone because I don't feel any stress. However my happiness makes me being a selfish and self seeking so what's going on?

Resulta ng larawan para sa love yourself quotes 

    I'm starting loving myself in way of I learned to respect and care about myself. I decided to change my heart. before I'm easily to fall with someone else. because I know I feel loveless. feeling of I need someone who can loves me and give me an attention. I'm so jealous to those people have their love ones. They give a lot of effort to impress their love ones. Exchanging love letters, holding hands while walking, bouquet of roses and teddy bears. " Ang saya siguro pag ganon no?" Why I' am telling this because I've never been that as in never.  I am the person who always support my friends to their love ones. I'm always being part of third wheel. "Yung tipong ikaw yung taga ayiiiieee tapos kinikilig ka nalang sa kanila. Tapos may mga times pa na ayun ikaw pa yung nagiging tagapayo ganon!" but despite all of that. I'll remain enthusiastic and supportive. Anyway moving forward. of course you never find love if you never start loving yourself. Most of people asking how did you know if you love yourself?

 Kaugnay na larawan 
Resulta ng larawan para sa Love your self images

   Love yourself starts in when you already accept about. The person that you expected is never been yours. This is one of my writing titled. Sulat para kay Someone.  When you feel happy without any love one. When you already learned on how can you trust yourself. and always confident for who you are.I don't want to seek their attention to catch me up. "Ako yung tipong taong ipapakita ko kung ano ko" I learned to let go find peace and liberate  myself. I learned to forgive to those people who hurt me most. because we all know. Forgiveness is for you and about you too. because Love is always starts from you. I believe if you keep your faith, you can keep your trust. respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you  feel happy.  for short accept yourself and value yourself. Right now It's time to change my Heart.

     My heart will be stronger because of my hard times, my mistakes and my sad experience. I just try to keep my heart open. and release my all doubts in life. I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude. "Hindi na ako magiging marupok beshhyy kahit na kailan!"

Kaugnay na larawan


"I've been trying to run away from this false reality. to find you and make you happy. No matter how things beautiful still it has ended. I gave my love because I know you're my hope. I always look your picture in the internet to made my day wonderful. I know your eyes were full of regret Thinking that  I'm full of diseases. Now I'm awake for the goodness sake. Now it's my time to depart and I just had a change of heart."


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